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Financial Advisors for Retirement & Aged Care seniors


Aged Care Financial Planning

We’re here to help you navigate the world of aged care and deliver stress-free advice for you and your family. We provide advice to help reduce your accommodation fees, improve your cash flow, and access the best level of care for as long as possible.

Our aged care financial planning includes:

Ease into aged care

Financial Advisor Experts for Aged Care seniors

Simplify the complexities

Navigating the fees and costs involved in aged care can be overwhelming. As Aged Care accredited financial advisors, we help you understand the various charges, including accommodation, ongoing care and additional service fees. 


We’ll provide you with a clear breakdown of costs, explain how they are calculated, and offer advice on how to finance them. We can also help you access and apply for any government subsidies to offset your fees.

Financial Advisor Experts for Aged Care seniors

Stress free results

We provide comprehensive personal financial advice and assist in implementing our recommendations, removing a lot of the burden from you. With our team at your disposal, you are free to focus on the things that matter to you.

Financial Advisor Experts for Aged Care seniors

Asset and cashflow advice

We provide advice on how to structure your assets to help you improve your age pension entitlements, reduce your aged care costs, or keep assets for estate planning provisions.

Estate Planning & Financial Advisors for Aged Care Seniors

Estate planning for your family

At Pathway Financial Advisors, we believe estate planning is a vital part of retirement and aged care planning. We help you plan ahead so that if you can't make decisions for yourself in the future, you'll get the care you need. We also ensure your belongings are shared the way you want after you pass away.

We offer a one-of-a-kind Family Member Fee Waiver for advice provided to any family members who receive assets from your estate. This could potentially save your loved ones thousands of dollars and ensure your family receives the highest-quality personalised advice.

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